Registration System

  • If you are a new family joining the school or if you are registering a child for the first time into Kita Beis and up, you must first fill out our pre-registration form HERE and contact our school office to schedule an appointment with the principal before the enrollment process can begin.
  • Please remember to register each and every child even if they have already been in this school in previous years. 
  • You may use this for both children in the Cheder and the Lubavitch Mesivta/Yeshiva. 
  • Starting July 15th 2018 there will be a standard registration fee of $100/1st child and $50 for each additional child. 
In order to submit your registration  applications you will need to make sure you have:

Your pediatrician fill out section 2 and further, of the health appraisal in the following CHILD CARE form for each child entering Pre-Kita Alef, Kita Alef or Beis.​

The date of the last tetanus shot for each of your children.

Your child’s immunizations up to date.​ The State Health Department will not allow us to give out waivers or accept any students whose immunization ​records are not complete.

Completed payment for all past tuition responsibilities. 

-If paying tuition by check- you already submitted 1 check or 10 head-checks to the school office to cover all your children's tuition. See price on tuition table page.

30 minutes available for 1 child and an additional ​15 minutes for each additional child that you are registering. 

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For any technical issues please  click here to contact us.