Registration System

  • Although as of now, our intention is to start 'in person school' at the regular start date, but due to Covid-19 there are no guarantees. We may be required to adapt to new regulations at that time forcing us to limit 'in person school' fully or partially. In any scenario we will do the best we can, to provide the best Chinuch we can, whether in person or virtually, as we have done until now. 
    Close to the 'in person school' start date, we will provide special guidelines and regulations on covid related practices that will be required for all staff and students in school. 

  • If you are a new family joining the school you must contact our school office to schedule an appointment with the principal before the enrollment process can begin.

  • If you are registering a child for the first time into Kita Daled and up you must first fill out our pre-registration form HERE and contact our school office to schedule an appointment with the principal before the enrollment process can begin.
  • Please remember to register each and every child even if they have already been in this school in previous years. 
  • Starting August 10th 2020 there will be a standard registration fee of $100/1st child and $50 for each additional child. 

  • PLEASE be aware that inserting FALSE information purposely (like fictitious dates or other items) in order to imply that you completed registration will result in a penalty and we will not consider your registration complete.
In order to submit your registration applications you will need to make sure you have:

Your pediatrician fill out section 2 and further, of the doctor health appraisal and the parent fill out, sign and date section 1 for each child entering Pre-Kita Alef, Kita Alef or Beis.​

The date of the last tetanus shot for each of your children.

Your child’s immunizations up to date.​ No waivers will be accepted aside of medical waivers.

Completed payment for all past tuition responsibilities. 

Already worked out a tuition payment plan with Rabbi Stein and if paying tuition by check- you already submitted 1 check or 10 head-checks to the school office to cover all your children's tuition. See price on tuition table page.

30 minutes available for 1 child and an additional ​15 minutes for each additional child that you are registering. 

Please watch this video tutorial to help you familiarize yourself with our registration system. 


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For any technical issues please  click here to contact us.